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Newsmag v4.7 is a modern responsive WordPress theme that makes it easy to write articles and blog posts. The Newsmag theme is perfect for news, newspapers, magazines, publishing or review sites. This theme also supports video from YouTube and has an evaluation system. The theme uses the fastest, easiest and easiest and cleanest SEO. You can also download the previous version of this theme Newsmag v4.6 WordPress theme.

Version 4.7 – December 13th, 2018

new: Font option for text logo and tagline.
misc: Compatibility with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.
misc: We updated the Visual Composer plugin to the latest version.
fix: LazyLoad on slow network connections. Please clear all your caches, including browser cache.
fix: Css fixes for flex blocks.

Version 4.6 – November 6th, 2018

new: We’re introducing the intuitive Right-Click option in the tagDiv Composer page builder to bring you new features and a natural way to design your website
new: Flex block 1 and 2. The new flex block elements enable unique layouts with a lot of flexibility.
new: Author Box & Image Box
new: Pinterest option on Social Counter
new: Fixed count option Social Counter
new: Option to choose the H tag format for the Title element- new: fixed count Social Counter
new: The list of Used Colors for pickers is now available in tagDiv Composer in the Recent Colors section
new: The list of Used Fonts is available in the tagDiv Composer under the Load Font Settings menu
new: We updated the Visual Composer to the latest version.
misc: Update for tagDiv Newsletter plugin: added MailChimp GDPR checkboxes
misc: WPML support
fix: Column Text encoding issues
fix: Pinterest api
fix: Weather block mapped on tagDiv Composer

Version 4.5 – July 5th, 2018

new: added support for multiple sticky sidebars. The setting is available when you select a column in the tagDiv Composer page builder
new: custom URL option for RSS in tagDiv Social Counter plugin
fix: WPML flag in post content
fix: if the footer is disabled, from now on, it will be hidden on the AMP theme version too
fix: various typos in the Theme Options panel
fix: Pinterest block API issues. It also has better error messages
fix: the exchange widget now works as expected but it requieres a api key
misc: better error messages when tagDiv Composer encounters a problem

Version 4.4 – May 24th, 2018

new: we added support for the private policy WordPress page on the login/register modal window.
new: setting to disable google fonts in theme panel – fonts – google fonts settings. You can load local font files and use them instead of external fonts.
misc: the plugin update system was completely rewritten from scratch. It tries to update the plugin using multiple ways and if it fails, it will show an admin notice with information about what plugin failed and why.
misc: all plugins now have a built date on them besides the version.
misc: the theme is GDPR compliant now.
new: shortcuts to use in the footer text – date, sitelink, privacy_policy and more. The list of shortcuts is available in the theme panel next to the setting.

Version 4.3 – April 18th, 2018

new: tagDiv AMP plugin – tagDiv’s solution for implementing Google AMP in WordPress
new: tagDiv Newsletter plugin – newsletter form beautifully designed with over 8 styles
new: font settins can now be saved as a preset and apply on all the blocks from tagDiv Composer easly
new: social sharing networks, the theme now supports Linkedin, Tumblr, Email sharing, Telegram, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, VK, LINE and Viber
new: ability to reorder the social icons with drag and drop from the theme panel
new: 20 social icons styles for social sharing
new: if the icons do not fit on screen the theme will automatically hide them
fix: pinteres board url
fix: facebook videos support now works again
fix: we updated to the latest instagram api, this should fix all the problems
misc: improved tagDiv composer selection mask. New colors and better ui, now the controls are outside of the selection mask, this allows better selection for small items.
misc: wp-admin performance issue. We optimized the composer to load only what’s needed and where is needed. Wp-admin speed should greatly improve.
misc: huge speed improvemnts in tagDiv composer editor. We did a full memory consumption audit for tagDiv Composer and we fixed a few memory leaks.
misc: we removed unneded confirmations from tagDiv composer. For example when the content of the page was not changed and a user wanted to close the composer.
misc: when closing tagDiv Composer you will be redirected to the previeous page instead of the default edit page. We found that this provides a better user experience
misc: tagDiv composer now has a new color picker script that is a lot faster then the old one. The same color picker is used on the widgets.
misc: we added a couple of new social icons that are available on the top bar and footer of the site

Version 4.2 – November 17, 2017

misc: Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version
misc: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
fix: Weather forecast

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Version 4.1 – November 1st, 2017

misc: Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version
misc: Revolution Slider plugin updated to the latest version
fix: Weather widget
fix: XSS Security issue
fix: Background click ad

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