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5 Best Thermal paste options ideal for CPU

The Best Thermal Paste – Even having a good CPU cooler or CPU cooler is not released from the problem. That is because there are other things you need to make sure that you have, ie thermal paste. And in fact, choosing the appropriate pasta has a far better impact on the CPU’s ideal performance and temperature.

The thermal pasta is commonly referred to as a kind of thermally conductive compound (but usually electric) used as an interface or bridge (eg high power semiconductor device) between a heat sink and a heat source. The main role of the thermal paste is a very real result, in which air or a space gap (which acts as a thermal insulator) can be removed from the interface region to maximize heat transfer. When you are looking for something very good for this business, especially if your CPU has strong OC potential, the following are some ideal choices to start your investigation.5 thermal paste options ideal for CPU

5 Best thermal paste options ideal for CPU

1. Arctic Silver 5

5 Best Thermal paste options ideal for CPU 1
Arctic Silver 5, pic: amazon

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First, if you want reliable quality and affordable things, the presence of Artic Silver 5 will produce excellent cooling quality for your CPU. In addition to the standard requirements for the CPU, the strength generated by this paste also greatly affects the function of the OC processor, so especially if the value of the CPU cooler is very high, the performance gained is much stronger I will. It usually depends on each store, but the price range of this pasta is about $10.

2. Noktua NT-H1

If you need a far more powerful choice in the thermal paste business, the impact of Noctua NT-H1 choice on the CPU will be much greater. As a result, CPU performance is much more ideal in terms of temperature. Especially if you want to get more important results on performance in the OC world. In addition, Noctua is basically very popular for CPU cooling, the price offered with this pasta is far more affordable in the price range of about 120 thousand (or more).

5 Best Thermal paste options ideal for CPU 2
Noctua NT-H1

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3. Arctic cooling MX-4

5 Best Thermal paste options ideal for CPU 3
Arctic cooling MX-4

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When your CPU choice is basically a standard series but has the possibility of simple overclocking, the best existence of thermal paste will have a great impact on temperature. One of the best things in today’s market worth considering is the existence of Arctic Cooling MX – 4, and the fact that this option is truly ideal for it. It is still limited to standard usage, but overclocking is not that far, the best thing about this pasta is its ease of use. You do not need many processes to install this paste to the CPU, and a nice choice is to present a very good quality bridge between the heat sink and the hot air coming out. In addition, the price provided is affordable, even if it has quite limited capacity.

4. Grizzly Clio Note

5 Best Thermal paste options ideal for CPU 4

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If you want the best and truly serious choice for maximum cooling, the presence of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut will truly give you better hope. Especially, if you have the perfect combination with CPU cooler, this thermal paste option is really very good for everything you have on the CPU. However, the price provided by thermal paste is quite high, and there are price ranges of over $20.

5. Deep cool Z9

5 Best Thermal paste options ideal for CPU 5
Deep Cool

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If you are seeking a decent choice even if the budget is very limited, the DeepCool Z9 series is limited to the overclocking function, but it is considered to be very good for all needs. With a price range of about 70,000, this option will present something very ideal for your standard CPU, it has excellent features in performing thermal installation on the processor.


Although there are still five best thermal pasta options for CPUs you can get today, yet many other options that are totally ideal. These five options can satisfy all the requirements of complementing much more ideal CPU cooling capacity, such as maximizing CPU performance. Especially, please do not rely too much on thermal paste (already installed CPU cooler).

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